Sunday, February 12, 2006

The lizard in the blizzard

Boy, do I wish I'd gone on that cruise with G and D this week.

We got six inches overnight, and a good foot more today--and it's still snowing hard. J fired up his stinky green blower and fumed himself up and down the street, enamoring the neighbors as he cleared their walks and driveways. Soon as he ran out of gas, he hopped into the Beetle. Nothing keeps that man from Panera on a Sunday. We had some yummy black bean soup and other assorted bites. Soon as we got home, the plow came by four times. I guess he needed to make sure he blocked the end of the driveway.

The rabbit that enjoyed my garden this summer was back in the yard last night looking terrified. We think its escape hole got filled up and it was too dumb to dig through. Barefoot Contessa wannabe that I am, I tossed it some raw spinach, carrots, and bread and it came running. So long as it leaves my rosemary alone.

J was in a tizzy this morning, threatening to eat all the food, which I've rationed to last for over a week (if he's obedient). He tore into my good bacon which means my plans for 3 quiches and a pot of bean soup are wrecked. Good thing I've got six boxes of microwave popcorn for true emergencies.

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