Sunday, December 03, 2006


Ever see yourself on video and realize that your worst attribute isn't the size of your ass, it's your hair? I knew my last haircut wasn't quite working but until I saw the freshly-combed and yet unkempt flat mess that adorned my fat head, I had no idea.

Oh, it didn't help that I let my suit jacket hang wide open, either, or that my dress shoes are decidedly grandmotherly clunkettes, or especially that I was not smiling for most of the time I was on camera. But the hair was a travesty.

So yesterday I ordered the stylist to chop it all off. She did, and I'm still trying to reconcile that decision. If it's flat, I look like a fat, female, early sixties Beatle. Fluffed and pasted (she used PASTE to style it, swear to God) it's a little more spritely.

I'm not sure if I like it. I've always preferred it short, but this cut needs some time. Or less paste.