Sunday, June 04, 2006

Back away from the fork and nobody gets hurt

The FDA has decided we are all too fat. No, really? But in their bizarre quest to downsize the American waistline, they've just taken aim at restaurant portions. They're suggesting that chefs trim the fat--and the portion size of restaurant entrees--so that our citizens won't eat ourselves into a state of greater distress.

While some portions (okay, most) are absurdly enormous, isn't the FDA going a little far on this? What's wrong with suggesting that people use judgment? Push away from the table. Put down the fork. Don't take the second twirl with the pesto mayo, no matter how divine it may be. The reality is, we know what we're eating. We know what it can do. And sometimes, we still choose to shovel it in.

I don't want the government regulating my body--and I sure as hell don't want them regulating my chef. Let him (or her) create joyfully. You want nutrition information available? That's cool. But leave my pretty plate alone.

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