Friday, August 18, 2006

Window dressing

There is something going on outside my window. Over the last few days, I've had multiple visits from a fat male cardinal, two monarch butterflies, and a swallowtail. I'm not sure if it's the super pink flower combo, or someone trying to send me a message, but between the fauna and the flora, it's rather nice to sit here, looking out.

Best of all, the squirrels have kindly managed to leave two of the 30+ apples on my Ida Red tree, so with any luck, I'll be able to pluck them off in just a few short weeks and taste the fruits of my gardening labor. Don't worry, I have a backup. There's plenty of rosemary in the garden, too.

1 comment:

franklinavenue said...

What, no spitty squirrelly apple soup in the works?

I just have to say how tickled I am to have found your site via Sahara's (whom I found via RS), and to discover a fellow scribe out there in the world who probably well understands (or understands well) the ins and outs of freelancing.

I even based a recipe loosely on your corn chowder the other night. Isn't it odd how just a few moments online and some stranger can touch another stranger's life so palpably? You made me admire your methods on Sahara's blog, you made me think, and you made me cook.

Now stop touchin' me! ;o)