Sunday, December 03, 2006


Ever see yourself on video and realize that your worst attribute isn't the size of your ass, it's your hair? I knew my last haircut wasn't quite working but until I saw the freshly-combed and yet unkempt flat mess that adorned my fat head, I had no idea.

Oh, it didn't help that I let my suit jacket hang wide open, either, or that my dress shoes are decidedly grandmotherly clunkettes, or especially that I was not smiling for most of the time I was on camera. But the hair was a travesty.

So yesterday I ordered the stylist to chop it all off. She did, and I'm still trying to reconcile that decision. If it's flat, I look like a fat, female, early sixties Beatle. Fluffed and pasted (she used PASTE to style it, swear to God) it's a little more spritely.

I'm not sure if I like it. I've always preferred it short, but this cut needs some time. Or less paste.


marinamode said...

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Marina (from France)

Bonnie said...

Hey Pamela, I am sure you hair looks wonderful. Take it from one who knows short hair! And yes, I do use paste on my hair, also. Enjoy your upcoming Rick weekend. Love to you and J.

NancyR said...

Hi Pamela, Your hair story sounds so familiar. Being in possession of bone straight hair that you couldn't pay to curl, I have had many post-stylist occasions where I found myself wishing my life away in the eternal quest of "growing out" something. Bad perms, color, layers, haircuts that only look 'right' at the salon never to be recreated at home by yours truly. Currently, I am 'growing out' my bangs only to discover that I now need Santa to leave me a boot-full of Botox for the lines that weren't there in 1996, the last time I was 'bangless.' What are we girls to do???

Many thanks for the chuckle, It's been a crazy week. I've been so concerned for Sahara. I'm packing up tomorrow and flying out early Friday AM. Maybe we'll bump into each other at the show. Just look for the blonde who appears to have horizontal scrimshaw etchings on her forehead. That will be me!!
Take care.

Allycen in Utah said...

Pamela, not sure what your hair looked like before, but at Sahara's benefit concert, I was thinking HOW adorable your short hair was, and how perfect it looked on YOU.

If I only had the nerve to do that myself. One day I shall....having longish hair is a biatch to style quickly. LOl.