Friday, August 17, 2007

The spin cycle

Do not ever tempt God with phrases like "there's only so much I can take." Apparently I am capable of just so much more. I can't decide if I'm just floating around in a pool of delusion or if I'm down to what's really important, but I seem to be above the water and now and then, I can still see my legs, swimming below the surface.


Michael Manning said...

Hang on!!!!

Rhonda said...

Pamela, Thank you for keeping us posted over the last 17 months.
You are a true friend and an excellent writer. You have made me laugh more then once. The Aldridges are very blessed to have you. Rhonda B.

Debbie said...

I attended Sahara's beautiful life celebration. I was formerly her assistant principal. She was truly an awesome person!
One of the speakers (the father of Sahara's friend) read a story you created. I believe he stated it was on her website. I would sincerely love to have a copy to read to my daughters at Thanksgiving. They two had the joy of knowing her. They coached an after school BB club that Sahara joined. My email is I would so appreciate you sharing with me the date you wrote the blog or where I could read it on the web. Thank you.

Michael Manning said...

Pamela: Your gift of communication is something I count as a blessing. You gave a voice to Sahara when she was busy with her battle, and for Amy & Shannon when they were attending to Sahara. It was also a blessing to meet you. Your words at the celebration were heartfelt and reached us all! Love and safe travels to you!!!