Friday, October 14, 2005

Passion, fruit, tea

I don't often babble about the behavior in New York grocery stores because it is generally so dismal that I just go home and grunt into my pillow. Now and then the cashier speaks at Waldbaums, and the cheery bees at Trader Joe's are always abuzz with joy, but the rest of them, bah. They hate us, and it shows. The nitwits who staff Fairway are the worst.

Lucky for me, there's now a stunning alternative: Whole Foods. Let's just say I am in love, with every smiling, helpful person, with every perfect piece of produce, the honeycrisps and sugar pumpkins, the leeks and carrots I could buy individually, with the enormous stash of tea, the aromas, the floors, the whole damn heavenly place.

Oh, damn the prices. I'm going back, again and again.

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