Thursday, April 27, 2006

Bless me

I have a cold, and it's all J's fault.

It nearly did him in last week, which of course pissed him off because it was his Easter/Passover break from the perils of teaching 6-hours-and 37-minutes per day, less prep, lunch, and nap, and not including Fridays which are 6-hours-20-minutes. Instead of stormtrooping Home Depot he had to settle for wheezing in his woodshop and spending far too much time at the doctor.

He was kind enough to share the bug with me. I normally don't accept these things but this one crept into my delicate nose and now has me cranky. Of course, I'm not nearly as sick as he was, but it's still annoying. My throat hurts, I'm sneezing too often to be blessed, and I'm just slightly mud-brained.

The good news is, I am drinking LOTS of iced tea. Yesterday I sucked down two pitchers of Republic of Tea's blackberry sage. So delicious, and it doesn't need sweetener. Today, it's Bentley's Mango White. It's good to know that simple things still comfort.

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