Thursday, March 08, 2007

drilling down

I can't let this turn into a bitchfest.

Well, I can, but it's not what I want to give you. I'd love to fill your brain with thoughts that are brilliant, inspiring, and even esoteric...but the truth is, sometimes I just feel the overwhelming urge to bubble over.

I am still fuming at the dentist's office, which called to remind us of our appointments Saturday at noon. Our appointments were at one, and at noon, we were both skipping merrily around the world, oblivious.

True, we could track our own calendars. But when we have to make appointments 4 months in advance because they are so busy, wouldn't it be prudent (or just semi-intelligent) to ring oh, a DAY in advance?

Apparently that would be too difficult. The pisser is, I like the dentist. But the staff, they need to do something with the sweet air they're hiding in the back.

But enough of that. I'm itchy tonight.

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Michael Manning said...

This is ironic for me, because my dentist called yesterday to remind me about an April check-up. So, I'm with you. There is so much going on in all of our lives that they should recognize that a basic call is in order. Even the most organized people can let this slip. Hope you can reschedule and get it worked out. :)