Saturday, March 10, 2007

Going green

Much to to the skeptic tastebuds of my husband, King Champion Supreme Lord of the Carnivores, I truly love eating vegetables. I am not quite ready to go veggie, having worshipped at the trough of prime dry-aged beasts enough to appreciate the mineral tang and nuttiness of a good steak.

But I like what I like. It still freaks me out to see cashiers hold up a mystery produce item with a dull look and mumble "What IS this?"

Especially when it's something ordinary like a leek or once (I swear) a green banana.

So I guess I shouldn't be surprised that today's grocery delivery included two whopping bags of green beans. Green beans, along with zucchini and summer squash, are on the list of veggies I will only eat because they're good for me. And I admit that I snarl when I eat them. Blech. Bland, watery, yucky stuff.

I'd ordered asparagus. Two bunches. And the shopper checked off asparagus, two bunches. It's sort of like when I order jalapeno peppers and get banana peppers. Thank you, oh mighty shopping fools, for changing my dinner plans.

Of course, I am already doomed. The eight pound pork roast that was to be the centerpiece of this evening's dinner party? Out of stock. The potatoes? Out of stock. Beans won't quite roast like asperge, damn it. (And how does a grocery run out of potatoes?)

And to crown my veggie loving head, they even goofed on my backup item. I figured if there was a crisis, I'd make lasagna. Did I get the 2 # bag of shredded mozzarella? Why, no... but that 8 ouncer will sure do the trick.

Looks like the honey is going to the store.

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